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Biz Debt Resolve

Whether you have 1 position or 15, MCA debt help has arrived. At BDR we will reduce them all into 1 affordable payment, up to 60% lower than your present daily or weekly payment. All while reducing your remaining principal balance by 25%. Biz Debt A.I. is programmed to have you debt free in 3-12 months or less, depending on your specific circumstance.

With 100% legal protection in all 50 states and U.S. territories as well as nonstop guidance until your settlement has been reached and approved by both parties. Our A.I., tailor-built to order debt solutions have a 100% success rate, as long as you stick to the program made just for you.That alone speaks volumes. It’s our job to protect you and what matters to you most: Your business and your bank account. Fix your debt here.

MCA Debt Help You Can Count On!

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Tailored results for
every stage of life.


Our financial experts assess your business debts, creating an affordable repayment plan. Our negotiators liaise with creditors, easing your debt load, letting you concentrate on core business tasks. While we let Biz Debt A.I. handle streamlining the Merchant Cash Advance debt settlement process.  Welcome to the future of MCA debt relief, your financial freedom begins here.


How It 

Secure your future with tailored alternatives to bankruptcy. backed by taking advantage of our truly one of its kind, state of the art, proprietary AI systems allowing you to cut costs immediately, for a brighter financial path.


Debt Relief Options

  • Instant increase in weekly cash flow by up to 60% for: overhead, marketing, etc.

  • 100% Legal coverage in all 50 states and U.S. Territories.

  • Letter from each lender stating your advances have been paid in FULL.

  • 25% reduction from remaining principal balances.

  • No major negative impact on your credit. In fact your score increase as your debts are being paid off.

  • Your lenders get paid. You save. This ='s happy lenders, happy you. Happy you ='s happy & satisfied customers. Equalling more revenue for your business.



Specializing in emergency debt relief, settlements, and restructuring, we reduce your debts and stress. Biz Debt A.I. Helps with financial challenges, creditor harassment, strained cash flow, and use of personal assets. Press Start


Do You


Visualize your debt-free journey with Biz Debt Resolve's calculator. Select your debt, estimate savings, and see the balance. Begin your path to financial success today.




All about
Biz Debt Resolve


Founded as a female & family-owned enterprise, B.D.R. champions integrity and familial values. We advocate the same advice to clients that we'd offer our kin.


With over 50 years of collective experience, we specialize in financial counsel, business debt alleviation, and loan modification strategies. We emphasize enhancing your business by tailoring our services for your unique financial challenges.


Our team invests time in comprehending your specific debt situation, ensuring a customized solution. We employ our proprietary system to not only present your case but also unite it with 40+ similar files. This accumulates to millions in impending defaults.


This strategy makes it financially viable for lenders to shift our accumulated unpaid debts towards other small businesses at high interest rates. The result? Lenders profit, you benefit from reduced weekly payments, and all parties are satisfied.


This tactic guarantees an efficient settlement process, saving you immense sums, and transforming your multiple high-interest payments into one manageable amount.

Moreover, our services include expansive legal support across all 50 states and U.S. territories. With our expertise and negotiation prowess, we substantially ease your business debt burden, letting you concentrate on cash flow enhancement.


Our debt restructuring not only sidesteps the negative implications of bankruptcy but also doesn't harm your business or personal credit ratings. As debts decrease, your credit score ascends, increasing the likelihood of obtaining conventional funding in the future.

At Biz Debt Resolve, our steadfast mission is to empower businesses to thrive and flourish.

Merchant Cash Advance victim who was just helped

Our goal is to protect what you care about most


Don’t let debt hold you back. Start your free restructuring process now and let our experts backed by our Biz Debt A.I. provide you with personalized guidance and solutions for your business’s financial challenges.

Strength that speaks for itself



24/7:365 customer service, we are always available.

 24/7:365 customer support, we are always available


50 years of combined experience. Free consultation for expert debt solutions. Take back your business now!

50 years of combined-experience settling debt in this field. Free consultation for expert debt solutions. Transform your business now


Innovation, collaboration, integrity guide with transparency, & trust. No questions are off limits.

Innovation, collaboration, integrity guide by transparency you can trust. 

What our clients are saying


Leah Yurfset

"Exceptional service and unparalleled quality! Highly recommended for anyone seeking the best. BDR is that and everything more!"

Actual photo of Leah Yurfset.

Roy Gilbert

"Reliable and efficient! Truly impressed with their dedication and outstanding service. Highly recommend Biz Debt Resolve, I have even told my father about their services."

Actual photo of Roy Gilbert

Nela Yliuay

"Great experience! Friendly staff, efficient service, and exceeded expectations. Really got me out of a difficult spot.

Highly recommend!"

Actual photo of Nela Yliuay.

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  • How can I tell if I Qualify Biz Debt Resolves MCA Debt Relief program?
    Any business struggling with unsecured debt, particularly high-paybacks like merchant cash advances. Our team of Certified Senior Debt Consultants will conduct a thorough evaluation of your financial situation to determine the most effective debt relief strategy for your business. Whether its with BDR or not we will point you in the right direction
  • What exactly is included BDR's merchant cash advance debt relief program?
    At Biz Debt Resolve our debt relief services include a comprehensive range of solutions designed to alleviate your business's financial burden. We offer debt restructuring, debt settlement, and emergency debt relief programs. Each of these services is tailored to your unique financial situation and aims to reduce your debt and weekly payments. If you are already in default and need a new credit card processor, we will also provide you with a new unit. Reopening another avenue to accept revenue. We also have an add on marketing package where we use our A.I. to create & test out the best times to promote ADs & custom tailor create an entire marketing strategy based on your clients & business just ask your Certified Senior Debt Consultant about our marketing and website creation add-on services & standalone packages.
  • How does BDR's program work?
    Our programs begin with a free consultation, where we assess your financial situation. Next, we punch in a few facts into our state of the art, A.I. Proprietary software which matches you with a personalized debt relief option, which could include debt restructuring or settlement. Finally, we work on reducing your weekly payments, aiming to make your business debt-free within 12 months or less.
  • Does Biz Debt Resolve have a relief program for Credit Card debt?
    Yes. We offer a range of solutions for unsecured business credit card debt, including debt restructuring and debt settlement. Our team of Certified Senior Debt Consultants will review your financial situation and tailor a plan to reduce your business credit card debt in the most efficient way possible.
  • Can Biz Debt Resolve help with other types of debt or offer any other services to help rebuild my business?
    Yes, at BDR we have experience dealing with a variety of debt types, including merchant cash advances, business credit card debt, business loan debt, vendor debt, and operational expenses. We offer A.I. Marketing & Website creation services as well to turn your tough times around and use this opportunity to save money to grow your business.
  • How does BDR protect me legally?
    While we have a team of expert negotiators and financial advisors, we also work closely with legal professionals to ensure that all debt resolution strategies comply with relevant laws and regulations. If Biz Debt Resolve cant settle it for you nobody can & we have yet to come across a case we couldn't settle. Our programs 100% success rate speaks for itself. Thats right, if the program is followed 100% we have a 100% success rate.
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